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Record yourself walking through a product demo. Kindamagic builds your guide in seconds. Add your finishing touches and share with your team or users in minutes.

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Build content at the speed of your keyboard GPT-4

Content creation takes about 10-30 seconds for a standard demo. Add a few minutes to make final touches yourself, and you're golden!

Record demo in Chrome
Use Kindamagic for Chrome to record your screen + audio
Auto magic generation
We produce a step-by-step guide + a hightlight video. Our player then combines both for an interactvie expereince
Shareable Play Links
One-click to publish and you can share your creation with the world
Embedded Player (coming soon)
Embed Kindamagic content in your world (website, docs, etc.)


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  • Chrome extension (capture)
  • Auto-magic guide + highlight video generation
  • Share with anyone via link
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